Plain Concrete: Beauty in Design

Overdoing concrete, especially when it’s an uncolored brush-finish, can make your patio look a little like a parking lot if done incorrectly.

But with a little proper design, it can become a unique and aesthetically pleasing feature of your yard (and a weed-free zone!).

This patio is over 1000 square feet of plain concrete, but makes a wonderful patio.

How to Extend Your Driveway Approach Curb

Extending a driveway approach, or driveway curb approach, is a simple process that’s the same as if you were to repair or replace it.

Why do you need to extend your driveway approach?

Usually it gets extended if your original approach is too small, or if you add an extension to your driveway


1. Measure the width of the driveway, and measure the width of your property between both property lines.

In San Jose, for example, the width of the driveway and parallel sidewalks can be no more than 50% the width of the property.

2. Make a drawing of the proposed changes to the driveway and submit to the city for approval and permit.

Guidelines and permit application can be found here:

3. Permit approved, begin work


HOA Compliant Sidewalk Repair

Safe sidewalks are important to avoid serious injuries and the lawsuits that may arise as a result.


These sidewalks were lifted by large sycamore tree roots causing a safety concern among the residents of this private complex.

The first sidewalk was a standard slab without detailing. The second slab had both a curb and safety grooves made with a ramp groover tool.

The trees causing the damage were removed prior to the concrete work, and we removed all residual roots under the slab.

The red paint on the edges was a temporary measure put by the HOA board help prevent people from tripping before repairs could be done.